Family Rhamphocottidae - Grunt sculpins
No. in FishBase
Genera : 3 | Species : 4 Eschmeyer's Catalog of Fishes
Fresh : No | Brackish : No | Marine : Yes
  First Fossil Record
Distribution: North Pacific, Japan through Alaska to southern California. A very distinct sculpin with a long head and elongate snout. Basioccopital-parasphenoid fossa present; pelvis highly modified with an elongate subpelvic keel projecting forward and an anterodorsally projecting suprapelvic keel; four infraorbitals (Ref. 7463). Body deep, with a high dorsal profile, and moderately compressed; head and body covered with small, multispined plates projecting through the skin as 'prickles'; one preopercular spine, strong and sharp; all fin rays unbranched; first dorsal fin with 7-9 spines and second with 12-14 soft rays; anal fin with 6-8 soft rays ; pelvic fins with 1 spine and 3 or 4 soft rays; lower pectoral fin rays long, thickened, and free of membrane, used for crawling along the bottom and over rocks; trunk lateral line canal present, incomplete (extending as far as posterior third of seconf dorsal fin), with about 25 pores in short, elevated tubes; palatine teeth absent; gill membranes broadly joined to the isthmus; gill openings small, located above the base of the pectoral fins; branchiostegal rays 6; swim bladder absent; vertebrae 24-28. Maximum total length about 8.9 cm. Inhabits tide pools and shallow coastal waters of Alaska and the Pacific Northwest, while farther south tending to occupy greater depths, to nearly 200 m, where the water is cooler. Frequently observed taking shelter in empty shells, including those of the giant barnacle, Balanus nubilis, and discarded bottles and cans. Diet comprises small crustaceans, fish larvae and zooplankton (Ref. 48784). Includes Ereuniidae (Smith and Busby, 2014).
Greek, rhamphastes, -ou = pike, fish + Greek, kottos = name of a fish ( Ref. 45335).
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Osteichthyes | Actinopterygii | Actinopteri | Neopterygii | Teleostei | Osteoglossocephalai | Clupeocephala | Euteleosteomorpha | Neoteleostei | Eurypterygia | Ctenosquamata | Acanthomorphata | Acanthopterygii | Percomorphaceae | Eupercaria | | | Perciformes | Cottoidei | Cottales | Rhamphocottidae

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Scientifc name Status Senior/Junior synonym Combination
! Rhamphocottus richardsoni Günther, 1874
Ereunias grallator Jordan & Snyder, 1901
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