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02/03/00- Updated 04:26 PM ET


Our guide to hot sites: For Thursday, Feb. 3, 2000.
New sites every weekday, with an expanded weekend edition.

If your site is listed, click here for award info.

Black History Exhibits
Celebrate Black History Month with a visit to this AFRO-Americ@ site that offers exhibits on topics ranging from resistance during slavery and the Tuskegee airmen to the Black Panther Party and Jackie Robinson. http://www.afroam.org/history/
New Media Channel
Who watches the watchers? Media Channel is giving it a try. The launch of the self-described Internet supersite dedicated to the global media got a boost from journalism icon Walter Cronkite. http://www.mediachannel.org/
Fishy Encyclopedia
On the Internet, every dog has its day. And now, every fish, too. FishBase is billed as a global information system on everything you ever wanted to know about our aquatic friends. Includes a way-cool "biodiversity quiz." http://www.fishbase.org/
Hubble Reopens For Business
Mark the return of the Hubble Telescope with a pictorial tour at this Eye on the Universe site. Suitable for online meditation purposes. http://oposite.stsci.edu/pubinfo/pr/2000/07/
Bad Cookie
Sick and tired of those syncophantic fortune cookies you've gotten all your life? Bad Cookie doesn't pull any prognosticating punches. http://www.badcookie.com/

Sites are picked and reviewed by Technology Editor Sam Vincent Meddis. Sites are selected because they appear newsworthy; we do not endorse them, nor the products or services they contain.

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