List of Species Treated in Reference And Used in FishBase
n = 29
Species Name Used in Reference
Alestes macrophthalmus Günther, 1867 Alestes macrophthalmus (p. 84)
Alestopetersius caudalis (Boulenger, 1899) Petersius caudalis (p. 89)
Alestopetersius hilgendorfi (Boulenger, 1899) Petersius hilgendorfi (p. 91)
Alestopetersius leopoldianus (Boulenger, 1899) Petersius leopoldianus (p. 90)
Brycinus bimaculatus (Boulenger, 1899) Alestes bimaculatus (p. 85;fig.)
Brycinus grandisquamis (Boulenger, 1899) Alestes grandisquamis (p. 85;Pl.35,fig.3)
Brycinus imberi (Peters, 1852) Alestes fuchsii (p. 83;plate36 fig.1)
Citharinus gibbosus Boulenger, 1899 Citharinus gibbosus (p. 94;plate39)
Distichodus altus Boulenger, 1899 Distichodus altus (p. 80;plate35 fig.1)
Eugnathichthys macroterolepis Boulenger, 1899 Eugnathichthys macroterolepis (p. 75;plate34 fig.1)
Ichthyborus ornatus (Boulenger, 1899) Neoborus ornatus (p. 78;pl.34; fig.4)
Marcusenius kutuensis (Boulenger, 1899) Gnathonemus kutuensis (p. 74;plate33 fig.5)
Marcusenius leopoldianus (Boulenger, 1899) Gnathonemus leopoldianus (p. 72)
Marcusenius schilthuisiae (Boulenger, 1899) Gnathonemus schilthuisiae (p. 73;plate33 fig.4)
Micralestes humilis Boulenger, 1899 Micralestes humilis (p. 87;plate36 fig.4)
Mormyrops curtus Boulenger, 1899 Mormyrops curtus (p. 66;plate32 fig.1)
Mormyrops nigricans Boulenger, 1899 Mormyrops nigricans (p. 66)
Mormyrops parvus Boulenger, 1899 Mormyrops parvus (p. 65;plate31 fig.2)
Odaxothrissa losera Boulenger, 1899 Odaxothrissa losera (p. 64)
Paraphago rostratus Boulenger, 1899 Paraphago rostratus (p. 76;pl.34 fig.2)
Pollimyrus nigripinnis (Boulenger, 1899) Marcusenius nigripinnis (p. 67;plate33 fig.1)
Pollimyrus pulverulentus (Boulenger, 1899) Marcusenius pulverulentus (p. 68)
Polypterus congicus Boulenger, 1898 Polypterus congicus (p. 61)
Polypterus delhezi Boulenger, 1899 Polypterus delhezi (p. 61)
Potamothrissa acutirostris (Boulenger, 1899) Pellonula acutirostris (p. 63)
Stomatorhinus corneti Boulenger, 1899 Stomatorhinus corneti (p. 71)
Stomatorhinus humilior Boulenger, 1899 Stomatorhinus humilior (p. 70)
Stomatorhinus polylepis Boulenger, 1899 Stomatorhinus polylepis (p. 71)
Stomatorhinus puncticulatus Boulenger, 1899 Stomatorhinus puncticulatus (p. 69)
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