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Marcusenius krameri Maake, Gon & Swartz, 2014

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Image of Marcusenius krameri
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drawing shows typical species in Mormyridae.

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> Osteoglossiformes (Bony tongues) > Mormyridae (Elephantfishes)
Etymology: Marcusenius: Becasue of J. Marcusen, author of "Zur Phauna des Schwarzen Meeres", 1867; ichthyologist;  krameri: Marcusenius krameri is named for Prof. Bernd Kramer from the Zoological Institute of the University of Regensburg, Germany, in recognition of his contribution to the systematics of southern African mormyrids (Ref. 95448).

Environment: milieu / climate zone / depth range / distribution range 生態学

; 新鮮な水 底生の漂泳性. Tropical; 17°C - 27°C (Ref. 95448); 24°S - 25°S

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Africa: Limpopo River and several of its tributaries in South Africa (Ref. 95448).

サイズ / 重さ / 年齢

Maturity: Lm ?  range ? - ? cm
Max length : 19.7 cm SL オス/雌雄の選別がない; (Ref. 95448)

簡単な記述 形態学 | 形態計測学

背面の脊椎 (合計): 0; 背鰭 (合計): 22-25; 肛門の骨 0; 臀鰭: 28 - 31; 脊つい: 44. Diagnosis: Marcusenius krameri can be distinguished from its congeners by following characters: middle body depth 21.9-28.1% of standard length; distance from dorsal fin origin to end of caudal peduncle 39.9-41.7% of standard length; distance from anal fin origin to end of caudal peduncle 42.8-44.9% of standard length; dorsal fin length 15.5-20.0% of standard length; anal fin length 23.2-25.5% of standard length; depth of caudal peduncle 26.0-40.6% of its length; scales around caudal peduncle 16; total vertebrae 44; anterior gill rakers (5-6)+(5); total anterior gill rakers 10-11; posterior gill rakers (8)+(9); total posterior gill rakers 17; dorsal fin rays 22-25; anal fin rays 28-31; scales along lateral line 69-72; conical teeth on upper/lower jaws 4-6 (Ref. 95448).

生物学     用語集 (例 epibenthic)

Individuals of this species were found in groups; during the day they were commonly encountered below undercut river banks, especially in dense networks of tree roots or reed beds along the stream margins; places with shallow water and slow-flowing reaches of rivers and streams are especially attractive to them (Ref. 95448). Large numbers of small juveniles were found in bushes of aquatic reeds and floating grass on the periphery of the river or in side channels (Ref. 95448).

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Maake, P.A., O. Gon and E.R. Swartz, 2014. Descriptions of three new species of Marcusenius Gill, 1862 (Teleostei: Mormyridae) from South Africa and Mozambique. Zootaxa 3780(3):455-480. (Ref. 95448)

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