Nimbapanchax maeseni : fisheries, aquarium

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Nimbapanchax maeseni (Poll, 1941)

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Image of Nimbapanchax maeseni
Nimbapanchax maeseni
Picture by RMCA/Musschoot, T.

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> Cyprinodontiformes (Rivulines, killifishes and live bearers) > Nothobranchiidae (African rivulines)
Etymology: maeseni: The species name was chosen with regard to the characteristic white margin of the anal fin, from the Greek 'leucos', meaning 'white', and 'pterygion', meaning 'diminutive', or 'pteryx', meaning 'fin' or 'wing' (Ref. 82704).
More on author: Poll.

Environment: milieu / climate zone / depth range / distribution range Ecologie

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